More from Jeff Lynne’s ELO (Manchester Arena, 10 April 2016)

After seeing a fantastic concert from Jeff Lynne’s ELO in Liverpool, a few days later I was fortunate to get the opportunity to see them again, this time at the larger Manchester Arena. I had a closer spot for this show than I had at Liverpool, and so was able to pay closer attention to which parts the musicians involved were playing. The set was basically as Liverpool, other than bringing forward ‘Telephone Line’ a few numbers forward in the set, so there is little point in doing another write-up. Instead, presented are a selection of snaps taken from my spot throughout the show.

Also included is a clip of ‘All Over The World’ from this concert:

The line-up for this tour is as follows:

  • Jeff Lynne – lead vocals, guitars (obviously!)
  • Mike Stevens – guitars, vocals (musical director)
  • Richard Tandy – keyboards, vocoder
  • Donavan Hepburn – drums
  • Milton McDonald – guitar, vocals
  • Lee Pomeroy – bass, vocals
  • Bernie Smith – keyboards
  • Marcus Byrne – keyboards
  • Iain Hornal – backing vocals
  • Melanie Lewis-McDonald – backing vocals
  • Rosie Langley – violin
  • Amy Langley – cello
  • Jess Cox – cello

The UK shows are, by all accounts, going down a storm. If you have a ticket for any of the remaining gigs, consider yourself fortunate as it will be a fantastic night.


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