First track from DORJA now available to listen to online

It’s always nice to be in at the start of something, especially when it’s something you think is going to be big. All-girl rock band DORJA (featuring three former Sex Pissed Dolls) have today released their first offering, a chugging hard rock number titled ‘Fire’.

The blurb on their bio promises much: ‘…a nod to 70’s & 80’s classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Guns N Roses, whilst fusing with the modern sounds of current garage rock bands such as Royal Blood‘, and ‘powerful, guitar-driven hooks and heavy drums, teamed with a vocal of raw energy to challenge Janis Joplin‘, they certainly ain’t setting the bar low! My interest in this outfit stems from knowing guitarists Rosie Botterill and Holly Henderson from their prolonged stint in the Dolls, as well as drummer Anna Mylee who spent a little over a year in that band before relocating to LA. I saw these girls perform live on many occasions, and know all about their abilities.  This project has clearly been a long time in the planning, with Holly and Rosie playing their final gigs with the Dolls at the prestigious Isle of Wight Festival earlier this month before jointly announcing their departure from that band. Things have moved quickly from there with firstly the announcement of DORJA, then a series of teaser trailers via social media and potted biographies of each band member posted daily. Finally they launched their website with an invitation to sign up for their newsletter, promising exclusive preview material. The first of these is the track ‘Fire’, released at 6pm on 30 June but available early for subscribers to the newsletter.

Having only this one song to go on up to now, the promise of an energetic lead vocal is certainly fulfilled here, with a powerful performance from Aiym Almas. The song is an old-school hard rock number with plenty of ‘punch’ to its sound, they have a fine guitar team and I know Holly to be a terrific rhythm guitarist, she gave her last band a very solid footing in the live setting. About all I know about bassist Becky Baldwin at this point is that she has been in a lot of bands! She is much in-demand, having performed with the likes of iDestroy and Triaxis, and until February of this year was a member of symphonic power metallers Control The Storm.

The five members of the band met up in LA a month ago to record this demo and do some publicity pictures, which are now up. With three of the girls based in England and two in LA that does raise the question of how they’ll proceed going forward, they have two gigs in England in July and it may be some of the members may relocate, if they all decamp to Los Angeles then it is worth checking this band out now while we Brits have the chance!

All that is in the future though; for now have a listen to ‘Fire’ – it is sure to appeal to fans of old-fashioned hard rock like it used to be; meaty riffs, raunchy vocal and a proper, honest-to-goodness lead guitar solo! I look forward to the album promised for early 2017, and hopefully a few more live dates in Britain before LA comes calling!

DORJA – ‘Fire’

(Photo: Dawn Bowery Photography)


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