Caught Live: iDestroy (with Gdansk81), Stalybridge Tavern 17th February 2017

A new year and a new venue for IndigoBravo promotions, consisting of two guys based in east Manchester who have done some sterling work in putting on gigs showcasing up and coming bands from across the country and beyond. They had been putting bands on at the Blazing Rag in Mossley, but a change in policy at that place meant a new home was required for 2017. They found it at nearby Stalybridge, located almost next door to Stalybridge train station and with a car park conveniently just across the road, it’s within reasonably easy reach. The pub is rather long and narrow inside, with the bar to the left and the small stage at the back with a staircase leading down to the ‘facilities’ to the right. Consequently, you need to be at the very front to get a good view of the bands.

This opening show at the new venue was headlined by Bristol’s iDestroy, a ‘grrrl’ trio featuring vocalist/guitarist Bec Jevons (also of The Blue Aeroplanes, a band I saw at the beginning of the year in Liverpool) plus Becky Baldwin on bass (one of the busiest players on the scene currently; also a member of DORJA and Triaxis), as well as drummer Jenn Haneef. The audience contained some familiar faces to me who’d come from far and wide, which may not necessarily have gone down well with the management as many of us would be driving and therefore on soft drinks! Support was from local band Gdansk81; this band struck me as being strongly influenced by the post-punk sound of Joy Division and towards the end of their set, a cover of that band’s ‘Transmission’ confirmed what I’d thought. They went down well with the punters, but weren’t really my cup of tea.

iDestroy however, were. Their music is hard-hitting, short and snappy punky style rock songs with lots of hard guitar riffs and plenty of ‘hey! hey!’ chants from bassist Becky, all held together with Jenn’s heavy drum sound. There’s a lot of energy in each number, and during one song while Bec got the punters to chant back to her, Becky decided to do an Angus-type walkabout onto the floor, a brave move as there was only a narrow avenue for her to walk down while playing her ‘Rickenbecky’ bass. After an enjoyable set of around 45 minutes, including a couple of new songs they took their bows before mingling once more with the punters.

A successful opening gig for the IndigoBravo guys then, they have many more acts coming up at this venue over the coming weeks and I will endeavour to get to more as time and money permit.

4 - deserving

4 – Deserving


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