Caught Live: IDestroy, Shipping Forecast Liverpool 9th March 2019

At last, thought I when this date was announced. Bristolian punk-pop trio IDestroy have been on my radar for a couple of years now, having seen them play on several occasions and wow whoever they play in front of. They’d never performed in Liverpool until now, and that was one of two firsts for me with this gig. The other, was that it would be the first time I got to see the new line-up. Founding member, bass player Becky Baldwin departed the band last year, almost immediately resurfacing in Hands off Gretel. In her place came Nicola Wilton-Baker, who played with the band for the remaining dates of 2018 and will feature on their upcoming full album.

This gig was a multi-band bill showcasing unsigned talent, I was here primarily to see IDestroy however, and it was actually their second gig of the day. They’d played a set in Manchester as part of the GirlzRawk all-day event, featuring a bill that had numerous good bands on it. Sadly it wasn’t a show I could make as the date coincided with another event I’d long planned on attending (Liverpool Comic Con). So while I was pleased that the girls had elected to take a trip down the East Lancs Road but was still a little disappointed at not being able to do everything at once (!)

Following two local bands, one of whom was down a member, so their lead guitarist took over on drums (!) and another which was a more mod revival-influenced band I took my place for IDestroy. They rattled through a short set of songs taking in both EPs they have out to date, plus the single ‘Annie’/’98%’, as well as a new one. Nicola is a good fit for the band, she has a striking look of her own, and plays with plenty of attack. Those still missing Becky in this group shouldn’t be too disappointed, they still have Jenn on drums hammering away and of course, frontgal Bec Jevons whose all-action style hasn’t changed a bit. She writes this band’s songs (save for the cover of The Gossip’s ‘And You Know’,  played on the night) and has a knack for the power-pop hook to go with their full-on live assault.

The Shipping Forecast basement isn’t the greatest for sound, having rather a low ceiling, so this was a bit of a sonic blast, but the band didn’t let that affect them as they powered through their alloted time. Following their set I had time to say a quick hello, and Bec was happy that she and the band finally got to play in Liverpool, promising me (who’d been asking them to come for over a year!) that they’d be back soon. There was another band to close out the evening, but I had another day of Comic Con to attend and an early start, so called it a night there. There was a guy on the decks between sets, who I believe actually put this gig on, persistently banging on about the importance of live shows by unsigned bands. I felt like saying he was preaching to the converted (!) since those who came out already believe that but anyway, it was good to see Bec, Jenn and Nicola rock Liverpool. At last!

Setlist from Shipping Forecast Liverpool

Setlist from Shipping Forecast Liverpool

4 - deserving

4 – Deserving


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