Welcome to my new home for music-related posts!

I have been writing about music for some time now, usually in the form of a write-up on a concert I have recently seen, or a new album by one of my favourite artists. I started posting on my old MySpace blog (which gives an idea of how long ago this was!) before moving over to the posterous platform, then Blogger and finally a WordPress site. I have however lost my host for that site now, and have therefore relocated to a WordPress.com for future postings. I hope to repost some of the content from the old blog here in due course (don’t you just love cached copies!) but for the time being, it will be new postings.

I am NOT a professional writer, which will become all-too clear the more of this blog you read (!) If I go to a gig, I’ve bought the ticket; if I write about a CD then I’ve bought the thing (not received a review copy – unless of course any artist reading wants to send me one, teehee!)

Consequently, the bands I write about will be ones I like. My tastes lean towards classic rock, although I will listen to newer bands and reserve the right to write about any style of music that takes my fancy. That lets in the likes of The Lancashire Hotpots! 🙂 Also, if I haven’t enjoyed a show or an album as much as hoped, I will say so – even if (as will usually be the case) I happen to like the band in question.

The ever-increasing demands on my time these days impact on my free time more and more, but any gig I attend I will endeavour to write something about by the next day. I might even post a picture or two!

I hope you enjoy my musical musings, on with the show!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I am contacting you on behalf of my blues rock band Maldito. I have read some of your reviews, and i really like the way you write. We’re playing some gigs in Liverpool this week and the coming weeks, and would love for you to come, and write a review if you want. This Sunday, we’re playing The Zanzibar Club in Liverpool, its 7 quid on the door, but we will let you in for free if you want to come.

    Looking forward to hear back from you.



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