The Dead Daisies release ‘Resurrected’ in advance of their upcoming album

Hard rockers The Dead Daisies, a ‘collective’ project started in 2012 by Australian guitarist (and one of the country’s leading businessmen) David Lowy, comprising some of rock’s finest players, have today released ‘Resurrected’, a track taken from their upcoming fourth album (‘Burn It Down’).

The band has seen many musicians come and go during its five-year existence, but has more recently stabilised its line-up with founder member Lowy, vocalist John Corabi, bassist Marco Mendoza and lead guitarist Doug Aldrich (all of whom played on the last album, 2016’s ‘Make Some Noise’) now being joined by drummer Deen Castronovo. Previous drummer Brian Tichy announced his departure last year, with the former Journey sticksman taking over the drum stool  in time to record this upcoming album.  The group have already given selected fans a sneak preview of the album but they have decided to make one track generally available as a taster.

If this track is any indication of the album, then the fourth Daisies platter will be their heaviest one to date. The opening riff smashes in with a guitar sound not far removed from Monster Truck, though early fans will note that it is a long way (to go?) from the first incarnation of the band. When I get the full album a write-up will appear on this blog, and I am looking forward to seeing the Daisies at Bilston’s Robin 2 on their Spring UK tour when they will no doubt play several tracks from this album.

For now, here is the Spotify link to the track ‘Resurrected’ – crank it up, reach for the neck brace and pick up that air guitar!

The Dead Daisies release ‘Burn It Down’ on Spitfire Records, on April 6th 2018 and have a UK/European tour booked for April/May, with further shows planned for Japan, South America, the US and Canada throughout the rest of the year.

Click Image to go to the Dead Daisies website

The Dead Daisies 2018 tour poster (click to go to the band website)


CATS in SPACE guitarist comes ‘Full Circle’ with reissue

The band CATS in SPACE have been enjoying some much-deserved success over the past year; comprising guys who have been around the block as it were, their collective experience and musical craft has seen them gain favour with rock fans quite quickly. Now the fan base has been delving back into the members’ respective pasts, and there have been many requests for a reissue of ‘Full Circle’, an album released by CATS founder member Greg Hart ten years ago under the band name ‘Hartless’. I treated myself to a copy at the time of the original release, and gave it a good write-up on my old MySpace blog, likening it to a bygone era when rock bands such as Thin Lizzy were seen on TV shows frequently, especially the anarchic Saturday morning show ‘Tiswas’!

At the time of that album, Greg had just ended a decade-long stint as one of two guitarists in long-established tribute band Limehouse Lizzy; this album makes plain his deep admiration for Lynott and company from the get-go with a pose featuring Greg in a Thin Lizzy t-shirt. There is strong Lizzy influence throughout the record, although he and the band (comprising guitarist Marty Wells, bassist/vocalist Ray Edmunds, drummer Michael van Dell as well as Greg himself on lead guitar and vocals) were able to produce an album of songs that recalled the golden era of 70s rock, without outright copying it.  They did include one Lizzy cover (‘Romeo & The Lonely Girl’), further emphasising their admiration of the Irish rockers.

Following this record he went on to work once more with his old band Moritz and eventually formed an act (which also includes present CATS keyboardist Andy Stewart) celebrating the pop hits of the 1970s, with male and female singers, and playing live a broad selection of hit songs from artists of many differing styles. Originally titled ‘The Jackie Generation’, it became known as ‘Supersonic 70s Show’ or ‘Solid Gold 70s Show’ and continues to tour the UK regularly.

Back to ‘Hartless’, and the reissue of ‘Full Circle’ will be available from the beginning of February and is strictly limited to 100 copies. The album will only be available as a physical CD; no downloads, no streaming, so if you want one, be quick!  Recommended for fans of 1970s styled pop-rock; to register interest, contact Greg directly.

Screenshot-2018-1-31 Greg Hart

CD/DVD: Whitesnake ‘The Purple Tour – Live’ (Rhino Entertainment)

Sourced from a performance at the Genting Arena, Birmingham in December 2015 (a show which your correspondent attended), this live album and video captures the current incarnation of Whitesnake during their tour supporting ‘The Purple Album’, vocalist David Coverdale’s celebration of his time fronting Deep Purple.

The release is available in several formats, as is so often the case these days. Most will plump for either the CD/DVD or CD/Blu-Ray package (yours truly opted for the former), but for those who just want an audio memento of this concert it is available either as a standalone CD or on double vinyl LP.

Utilising a similar artwork theme as used on ‘The Purple Album’, the presentation here is beautiful. The familiar Whitesnake ‘amulet’ surrounded by that distinctive lettering is present and correct, only with the band members now depicted around that amulet. The purple marble effect on the cover is seductive, and will make a nice companion for the 2015 album, the tour programme (if you have it) or even the recent coffee-table book, if you had pockets deep enough to stretch to either edition!

David Coverdale acts as much as master of ceremonies as lead vocalist on this DVD, the video presentation makes sure it is as much about the players currently surrounding him as it is about himself; every member is given a good amount of screen time with individual camera shots for each. The cuts are rapid, similar to how it was done for the earlier ‘Live In The Still Of The Night’ DVD, and there are black and white shots frequently interspersed like in that production. That’s something I am not a massive fan of, but these are a little less jarring with the shots being not quite so ‘grainy’ this time. The director for this footage is Canadian Tyler Bourns, who also worked on the bonus promo video for ‘Burn’, released to YouTube at Christmas and included on this disc. The DVD picture is mostly crisp, but the sharp-eyed will notice some ‘artifacts’ in the picture which may or may not be down to visual effects used in post-production. For fans of a certain age, who remember watching bootleg VHS tapes of this band back in the 80s, it’s not a show-stopper compared to the tape dropouts we had to put up with in those days!

I was at this concert and reviewed it at the time for this blog, so I shan’t go into detail once again about the actual show. The band (guitarists Joel Hoekstra and Reb Beach, bassist Michael Devin, keyboardist Michele Luppi and veteran drummer Tommy Aldridge) gave a splendid performance, allowing Coverdale to ham it up in front of this huge crowd as only he can. He sounds in good voice on this presentation, although even his most ardent fans will now concede he isn’t what he once was. He has chosen these players for their vocal as well as instrumental abilities; you see all of them providing strong vocal backing for the main man throughout, in particular Reb Beach and Michele Luppi.

Overall, it is a good value package, including a complete concert performance plus extras, in the form of the ‘Burn’ promo video, a short interview segment where Michael Devin quizzes Joel Hoekstra and Reb Beach (with generous portions of humour), and some bonus audio, presented on the DVD or Blu-ray in stereo or 5.1.  When this tour came to the UK the band had limited time, as it was a co-headline tour with Def Leppard and so some of the songs performed in other countries were left out of the UK shows. That was a little disappointing I thought, as this was a unique tour in which Purple classics from Coverdale’s old days were revived, possibly for the only time. He has rectified that, at least in part with three songs not done on the UK tour included here (‘You Keep On Moving’, Lay Down Stay Down’, and ‘Stormbringer’ with the other track ‘Lotsanotes’ being a guitar duel between the two axemen). It isn’t made clear when these tracks were recorded, but I’d guess it came early on in the tour as ‘Lay Down Stay Down’ was only in the set for a few shows.  This is a carefully produced and lavishly presented set, and will no doubt prove popular with Coverdale’s loyal fans.


4 - deserving

4 – Deserving


Whitesnake release video for ‘Burn’ from ‘The Purple Tour – Live’

Whitesnake gave their fans a little Christmas gift this week with the release of a specially-shot promo video for ‘Burn’, one of several Deep Purple songs revisited by singer David Coverdale for 2015’s ‘The Purple Album’ and the subsequent tour. This video is set to a live performance of the song, taken from the upcoming ‘The Purple Tour – Live’ CD and DVD package. The release of this set has been delayed but is now slated to come out on January 19th. There will be a choice of either a CD/DVD or CD/Blu-Ray set, as well as audio-only versions available on LP, CD or digitally.

The video (directed by Tyler Bourns; described by Coverdale as a ‘young, hip gunslinger’) features all of the current band members (guitarists Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra, bassist Michael Devin, keyboardist Michele Luppi and drummer Tommy Aldridge) intercut with numerous special effects and introduces Tiffany Atkinson (Coverdale’s ‘Executive Personal Assistant’) as the ‘fire’ woman depicted in the song lyric.

The track listing for the CD/DVD, CD/Blu-Ray and audio CD is as follows:

  1. Burn
  2. Bad Boys
  3. Love Ain’t No Stranger
  4. The Gypsy
  5. Give Me All Your Love
  6. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
  7. Mistreated
  8. You Fool No One
  9. Soldier Of Fortune
  10. Is This Love
  11. Fool For Your Loving
  12. Here I Go Again
  13. Still Of The Night

The CD/DVD or CD/Blu-Ray sets will also feature the music video as shown above plus interviews with the band members, as well as bonus live audio in high-resolution 5.1 of the following tracks:

  • You Keep On Moving
  • Lay Down Stay Down
  • Lotsanotes
  • Stormbringer

The vinyl version of the album will include all of the main set plus ‘You Keep On Moving’.

Whitesnake recently released their first book (‘The Purple Tour – A Photographic Journey’) in strictly limited quantities, and have been working on an album of new material for a 2018 release. They also recently announced that they are to tour the US as special guests to Foreigner in summer 2018; at the time of writing they are yet to announce any dates for UK or Europe.

The band have also released an audio taster of the upcoming album, a live rendition of ‘Fool For Your Loving’:

A review of this CD/DVD will appear on the blog once I get my copy!


Album: Wayward Sons ‘Ghosts Of Yet To Come’ (Frontiers)

One of rock’s good guys, former Little Angels singer Toby Jepson has done several things since that band went their separate ways in the mid-90s. He toured under his own name in the early 2000s, which attracted some fans of his old band but was almost totally ignored by the rock papers, then obsessed with all things nu-metal. Following that, he had a brief spell as lead singer for reformed Scots rockers Gun, before handing over the mic to their bassist Dante Gizzi. In amongst all of that he was becoming known as a producer, working with some notable bands including Saxon and The Answer, as well as linking up with (motorcycle racer-turned singer) James Toseland for writing and production work on his band’s first album.

Now he has decided to return to the fray with a completely new band. Wayward Sons were formed in 2016, the singer recruited a line-up of experienced but not necessarily well-known players for this band. Joining him are bassist Nic Wastell, guitarist Sam Wood, drummer Phil Martini (the only name which rang a bell with me, he played for a while with Luke Morley’s post-Thunder band The Union and also with Joe Elliott’s Down ‘n’ Outz), and keyboardist Dave Kemp. Lead-off single ‘Until The End’ came out in the summer, a taster for the album. A short and snappy, hard-hitting hard rocker with a powerful vocal delivery, it got a lot of play on Planet Rock, the UK’s sole hard rock radio station (that isn’t broadcast only over the web!) Those hoping that ‘Until The End’ was representative of the band’s sound will be pleased to find that the rest of this album is very much in that style; guitar riffs right there in your face, big pounding drums, vocal pyrotechnics from Jepson (he really pushes himself on opening track ‘Alive’ to such an extent that he comes close to Glenn Hughes territory) and – enough hooks there to have you singing this stuff back after the album finishes.


There’s also some welcome variety in the lyrical content – the music is recognisably old-school hard rock, but it isn’t set to lyrics about boozing, birds and brawling. For example ‘Ghost’ is a dig at modern life and how it’s all paid for on tick (‘buy yourself a happy life, with your plastic friend’) while ‘Alive’ is similar in sentiment to Thunder’s ‘No-One Gets Out Alive’ (‘what if I said, that wealth don’t mean a thing?’)

If you’re looking for long, progressive epics on this record, look elsewhere – all the songs here are short and to the point. The longest is album closer ‘Something Wrong’, and all the other songs bar ‘Don’t Wanna Go’ clock in at under four minutes.  The overall sound is almost punky, with that guitar right up in the mix and the songs played with verve, with energy, the sort of thing that is designed to get a crowd up and bouncing from the first powerchord. It is a short album then, at around 37 minutes, but with plenty of punch in those 37 minutes to leave you in need of a cuppa (or something stronger!) after the CD comes to a standstill.

At the time of this post Wayward Sons are coming to the end of a run of UK dates supporting fellow Brit rockers Inglorious. With Jepson’s vast experience in the business both on stage and off, there could be the possibility of him working with the younger band on their third album. If they’ve had that conversation then the third album from Nathan James and company will be one to look out for. (I am of course speculating!) Wayward Sons themselves can look forward to a bright 2018, as they embark on headline dates in the early part of next year. All in all, a welcome ‘return’ for Toby Jepson as he hasn’t really gone away, but this is the band which will restore him to prominence on the British rock scene.

4 - deserving

4 – Deserving

Album: Foo Fighters ‘Concrete And Gold’ (Roswell Records/RCA)

The biggest rock band in the world return with their ninth album. Unsure as to that claim? Look at the profile of mainman Dave Grohl; he’s everywhere, not just in the rock press, but in all the gossip columns. He has all the high-falutin’ friends (no less than Paul McCartney appears on this album, for instance) and it wasn’t that long ago that the Foo Fighters played alongside Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones – at a huge stadium gig that has been their domain for several years now. This is one rock band that your friends, work colleagues, family has heard of – if you’re a dedicated gig-goer you’ll know all too well how often people dismiss the band you have a ticket for with those words: ‘never heard of ’em’, as though that renders the band non-existent.  No problem here, even your ordinary average Heart FM listener knows who the Foo Fighters are, and when they do play their huge stadium gigs, they attract the sort of crowd who wouldn’t normally have anything at all to do with ‘rock’. In short, they’re the one rock group it’s ‘OK’ to like. So, this is surely the sort of release that is an ‘event’, one which will see folk flocking back in their droves to the much-maligned record stores to grab their copies, yes?

Well, possibly. They are of such stature now that they’re ‘critic-proof’; no matter what is said or written about this record, it will indeed likely fly out of the stores (or down the superhighway, if it is downloaded). At the time of this post, it is the number one album in the UK charts, and looks set to stick around for a while. But is it any good? Thanks to the (also much-maligned) Spotify, I decided to give it a listen or two and find out for myself. I’ve not stayed in close touch with the Foos since they attained megastar status (the last time I actually saw them live was in 2002); I’ve liked a few tracks from their more recent output but to these ears, they’ve never really bettered  ‘The Colour And The Shape’, now a staggering twenty years old.

For this record, the band recruited some major names, starting with producer Greg Kurstin (who has worked with Adele, and written for many other big names in the pop world), and the aforementioned Paul McCartney contributes drums on one song (‘Sunday Rain’). That in itself raised eyebrows, since this band contains two accomplished drummers already. Other guests include pop stars Justin Timberlake and (Boys II Men singer) Shawn Stockman, although you won’t find much influence from that sphere in this record. It’s still recognisably Foo Fighters, with plenty of guitar wallop, and both Grohl’s familiar roar and more melodic singing voice are present and correct.

What there isn’t, is a song that sticks in the mind the way previous numbers such as ‘Times Like These’, ‘Everlong’, or ‘Learn To Fly’ did. I could go through the previous albums and come across at least one title on each, and have the tune instantly pop into my head. Grohl & Co. always had a knack of writing a pop song with enough rock punch to appeal to those of us who prefer a fist in the air to a waving lighter. That isn’t the case here, none of these songs have that hook. Even after a few playthroughs, not even lead-off single ‘Run’ lingers in the mind for long. It does have its moments; the McCartney-driven ‘Sunday Rain’ is a fine late-era Beatles pastiche, with Taylor Hawkins coming out from his drumkit to take lead vocal to good effect. The slower ‘Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)’ also provides a change of style from the rest of the album, reminiscent of ‘Blackbird’ (by The Beatles, not Alter Bridge!) It all sounds big; ‘The Line’ creeps close to Killers territory for instance. It all sounds mighty and impressive, but half an hour later you won’t find yourself humming much of this. The title track closes things; it is meant to be a brooding epic, but merely plods along to its concluding powerchord. (There is an extra ‘bit’ after the track concludes, but not much to get excited about).

It isn’t a BAD album, but it isn’t a great one either. When we are talking about the biggest rock band in the world, it isn’t enough to listen and think, mmm, that wasn’t bad. The Foo Fighters are now heading up the very same rock establishment that Grohl’s previous band was credited with dismantling, and sadly this record does come across as a bit too ‘establishment’. Not one I’ll be rushing out to grab on any physical format, for my Foos fix it’s still the first three or four albums that I’ll be reaching for.


A Spotify link is provided below should you wish to listen for yourself:

3 – Decent

LP: CATS in SPACE ‘Scarecrow’ (Harmony Factory)

Things are certainly different for CATS in SPACE now than they were two years ago, when they announced themselves with their debut album ‘Too Many Gods’. That record got them a lot of attention, most notably from Thunder’s Danny Bowes. In addition to wearing their T-shirt at Thunder gigs, he played tracks from ‘Too Many Gods’ on his Planet Rock radio show and earlier this year, signed them up to be the support act on Thunder’s UK tour. That slot put them before a lot more people, and their fan base has grown exponentially since then.

The guys are of course no newcomers; all accomplished, experienced players who have been in and around the scene for many years. In that respect they’re similar to The Dead Daisies, though that outfit have been through a few personnel shifts before settling on their current line-up.  The CATS’ debut showed obvious musical influences from many 1970s bands (even including a contribution from The Sweet’s Andy Scott) but with lyrical content dealing with more 21st century subject matter. That set them apart from just about everyone else, so what can we expect with this second record?

Simply put, more of the same with knobs on! Like the first album, it’s best listened to right through in one sitting, although the individual tracks are strong enough to stand up to being listened to in isolation. Lead-off single ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ deals with the shallow facade of social media (“Conversation’s a no-no, it’s dead as a dodo”) while ‘Two Fifty Nine’ is a cleverly-constructed song about the need to fit into radio formatting – running to exactly 2:59!

The references are many and varied as was the case with the first album; there’s another nod to John Miles in ‘Clown In Your Nightmare’, complete with talkbox guitar from Greg Hart, but once again he and the band demonstrate that they can show their inspiration without resorting to outright lifting. You’ll think of the Beatles, Queen, even Bruce Springsteen (to name just a few) while listening to this album, and if you’re a real anorak like me you might find yourself reminded of The Turtles – or even Petula Clark – in some places 😉

Closing track ‘Scarecrow’ is stated in the lyric sheet as a continuation of the first album’s ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’; the lyric in this song refers to “Cool Britannia’s Great Untouchable” (who could they be referring to, teehee!) Running to 7:26 it is an epic (which reminds me a little of Uriah Heep) with which to end the album.

If you liked ‘Too Many Gods’ you can buy this record with confidence, it is another meticulously-constructed and beautifully-produced album with all the hallmarks present and correct. The band will tour the UK in September, I expect there to be a lot more people present this time around than was the case when they played the halls up and down the country last autumn. The CATS rocket is now in its second stage as it makes its relentless progress into orbit!

CATS in SPACE - Scarecrow

CATS in SPACE – Scarecrow

The album is available on CD, heavyweight vinyl and for the complete 1970s experience, cassette! It’s also available digitally and you can listen to the album for yourself on Spotify here:

5 – Delightful