Welcome back!

I’ve been writing about rock gigs I’ve seen for several years now. Previously I’ve used MySpace, Blogger, Posterous (remember that!) and most recently a self-hosted WordPress site. That last one has bitten the dust sadly, so I am using this option to relaunch my music blog.

My tastes tend to lean towards what’s often described as Classic Rock, but that doesn’t mean I won’t write about anything else that tickles my fancy, no matter the genre. I spend more time and money than I care to admit on going to gigs, although real life has impacted more on my gig-going these days so I try and support ones that actually take place in my local area.

You may also see the very occasional television review, but this is mainly about live music and/or new albums from artists I like. I buy my tickets, and my albums (on old-fashioned CD!) and I am not a professional writer (which will become abundantly clear the more I post) so I’m likely to write only about artists I’m into. That said, if I didn’t enjoy the gig or their album as much as hoped, I’ll say so.

I hope to revive some of the content from the previous blog over here; I have seen a few shows recently while offline and will aim to do a recap post of those in the near future.


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